GRL Designs
Manufacturers of Crane Overload Sensors

The LC Limitload is a combined loadcell and amplifier providing a stable 4-20mA ouput which can be connected into the LC-SRP meter to provide multiple switching for both overload or slack rope conditions.The unit could also be used to connect to any other suitable monitoring equipment.   

The units are calibrated to provide 4mA output at no load and 20mA at 125% of rated capacity. The robust construction provides protection to IP67 and are able to withstand up to 250% overload without damage.

The unit simply bolts onto a static wire rope and therefore does not form part of the load bearing structure.

Fitted as standard with 5 metres of screened cable this can be extended to 50 metres without additional amplification.



Power Supply 12 - 30V dc

Output 4 - 20mA @ 125% RO

Current Consumption 68mA

Operating Temp. -10°C - +65°C

Temp. Drift @ no load 2.8µA/°C

Full Scale Step Response 75µsec 

 Type RangekN  Rangekg  Max Rope  L1   H1 H2   W1
LC25  25  2,550  14  145  100  80  60 
LC50  50  5,100  20  145  100  80  60 
LC100  100  10,200 24  280  115  90  60