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Manufacturers of Crane Overload Sensors

LC LOADCELL is an fully integrated package which can be connected directly into the Overhead Crane operating system  

The LC LIMITLOAD is bolted to a static rope and provides a stable 4-20mA output to the digital meter. The meter has 4 separate relay outputs. R1 & R2 as standard are set up to detect overload and operate simultaneously. This provides additional safety in the case of one switch circuit failing. R3 is set to detect slack rope condition if required whilst R4 is available for any additional function.

Adjustment of each relay can be made via the front panel by authorised personnel and can also be password protected if required.  


The display can be set to either indicate the load being lifted or as a percentage of full capacity. The unit however is not intended to act as a weighing system.

3 products cover capacities up to 100kN (10,200kg) rope load and rope diameters up to 24mm.

The system has been designed to satisfy the requirements of both BS EN12077-2 & BS EN13849-2

LC LOADCELL load Protection System

Technical Data

Power Supply 85 - 260V ac/dc Repeatability +/- 1 digit

Power Consumption 6.0 W Overload Indication 125%

Protection Class Maximum Overload 250%

Meter IP65

Loadcell IP67

Operating Temp.

Meter   0° - +50°C

Loadcell -10° - +65°C