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Manufacturers of Crane Overload Sensors

The LC-ALM is a Din Rail Trip unit which can be used for single level switching connected to the LC Limitload. It requires no external power since it derives it's supply from the LC LIMITLOAD 4-20mA signal. The relay output is normally open which can be configured to close either above or below the adjustable setpoint. To detect overload conditions the relay would be set to open when the setpoint is exceeded.

Adjustment of the setpoint is via a potentiometer on the front panel which can be checked by measuring the 0.4 to 2V  (4 - 20mA) voltage on the front panel terminals.



Supply Voltage Loop Powered

Supply Current 4mA

Relay Current 130mA @ 110Vac

Setpoint Hysteresis 50µA (+/- 0.25% RO)

Relay Response Time 10msecs

Operating Temp 0° - 55°C